The Dragons, Old and New

We have met many fascinating individuals over the last year, but these are the ones that stand out. The Dragons. It still sounds ridiculous to me, but these are the chosen few who are meant to shape this age, for worse or for better. These are friends and foes alike; two of my closest companions, our most despised enemies, and others who we’ve barely passed along the way.

Shiro, White of Hair, Master of the Frigid Gale

The second sorcerer to join the retinue of Princess Akemi, Shiro is a fast friend and a reliable ally. He has proven his loyalty to band of misfits time and again.

Akemi Yoshiro, Red of Hair, the Rightful Empress


Takeda, Blue of Hair, Fallen Warrior

The last member of the Takeda family, this formidable warrior was found dead, his ancestral weapon, Errant, embedded in the eye of a Dragon, with its mouth closed around his body.

Rinku, Yellow of Hair, the Youngling

We encountered Rinku months ago while wandering the southern reaches of the Middle Isles. For now, we can only hope that he is surviving the ongoing conflict with Asheron.

The Butcher of Middle Valley


Kyoji, Red of Hair, The Man Who Always Lies


Gin’s Patron

Gin’s Patron is one of the most powerful individuals we have encountered thus far.

As an aside, feel free to ignore this entry if Gin has not actually shared this with the party.

The Dragons, Old and New

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