Stone Serpent Keep Bookkeeping

Stone Serpent Keep, or Shi Long Tun, is a ruined castle-complex in the foothills of the dwarven mountains, along the North-west coast of Zhangdao.

The citadel of Stone Serpent Keep includes basic functionality for a unit of infantry and a small support staff, but the dwarfs have also had time to build out other improvements over three months of construction.

Current Sections
housing for 1 regiment of infantry
housing for 20-30 staff and officers
a small kitchen and dining area
small food stores
a small receiving room
Troop Housing (Cavalry) – L
Druid Grove – M
Armorer – M
Gate House – S
Dungeon – S
Council Chambers – S
2 Awakened Trees

The Dwarves insist on tearing down all of the damned walls and building them back up again every time we begin a construction product, so each new section costs 1000 gp more than the last. The cost of a new addition is typically between 5000-15000 gp, depending on the size of the construction.

I shall continue to update this ledger as new additions are made to the castle.

Stone Serpent Keep Bookkeeping

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