Dragon Shrines of the Middle Isles

These are the locations of power prophesied to exist across the Middle Isles, many of which we have unwittingly visited thus far. Each has a deep, seemingly intrinsic connection to dragons of an associated Chroma (both new and old). Consider a “Chroma” a collection of these three attributes: the Elements, the Colors, and the Ideals. After many long nights of discussion, I have summarized our thoughts below. I attribute the majority of the theorizing, debate, and exposition to Tzzird and Jin. Consider me but a minor participant and humble scribe. I shall continue updating the descriptions written hereafter as we learn more of these beings and places of power.

Mei Ivellios

Beneath the Old Watchtower – The Azure Grave

Located in the Southwest of Zhongdao, near the border of Acheron. Within, we discovered the resting place of this age’s blue dragon, and his predecessor. Takeda, Hair of Blue, slew a dragon within, but lies dead beside it. It appears that he was betrayed by his steward. We suspect this to be the very same Nothic present at my audience with Lord Tei Wei. We can not say whether this Nothic is working alone or with some greater power, but I personally suspect the latter.

On the Cliff’s Edge – The Shrine of Bronze

As of today, this shrine is home to the last known living dragon of the Jade Age.

We visited this place months ago to speak with the Oracle, an individual said to have great knowledge of future events. It was not until Shiro, Master of the Frozen Gales, convened with the Oracle that we learned the Oracle’s true identity, and it was longer still until we realized the significance of this discovery; the Oracle is the Old Dragon of Bronze. She spoke of many things: the return of the Jade Empire, the reforging of the Hammer of Gal’ Muraz, the Chosen Few, and the Maelstrom… Looking back, knowing what we know now… I only wish we could have done more.

Atop the Mountain – The Howling Gale, Wind Incarnate

Above the great Dwarven City rises one of the grandest mountains in all of the Middle Isles. This place marks the site of one of our most fearsome battles. I have mixed feelings regarding the death of the Old White Dragon; after diplomacy failed, it was us or him, but it is a shame to see such a presence leave this world. Following his death, we discovered

Center of the Metropolis – The Capitol

Home of the Red Dragon, our rightful Empress, Akemi of the Yoshiro line. That’s our assumption at least; just look at her hair. Still under the control of the Regent’s forces.

Deep in the Forest – The Dark Within the Woods

We do not know the identity of this age’s dragon, but we can only assume that the Dark Heart of the Forest contains the soul of the Jade age’s dragon. We do not yet know the chroma associated with this location, but we speculate Green is the best fit. We must be on the lookout for anyone who is green of hair.

Within the Ancient Roots

Little information is yet known about this location, only that like the rest, there is a pair associated with this place – two dragons; one New, one Old. Most likely associated with Earth.

The Others

We believe there to be at least 4 other shrines located in the Middle Isles outside of Zhongdao’s borders. These could be as far flung as Acheron, Hellas, or anywhere in between.

At World’s End

The 11th shrine, created at the end of the Age of Jade in a far flung side of the empire. A place ignorant of the moons’ power; a shrine at the edge of the world… This place may very well hold the answers I seek…

Dragon Shrines of the Middle Isles

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