Heroic Adventure to Forge the Empress

Two Revelations

Dec 1, 2017

At Stone Serpent Keep

Akemi, with the Elder Sulsashi advising her, once again called together the leaders of the peasants who were living outside the keep. While she had tasked the peasants with electing a single leader, they had been unable through democracy to pick a single leader, they proposed another idea: the leaders of the different villages would provide a council, who would decide on matters of agriculture.

After listening to them, Akemi chose instead to appoint a single one of the leaders to be the agricultural minister, rather than rely on the council.

In a fishing village of Zhongdao

We arrive as our party has just finished of the last of the water weirds and soldiers that assaulted the fishing village. Gin asked Tzzird to revivify the one civilian casualty of the fighting, a middle-aged fisherman. Placing her hands on the man, the power of Llolth coursed through him, covering him with a deadening, black mist that swept into the man and brought him back from the dead.

The man traumatized from the passage behind the veil, immediately stood, and began to scream, tearing atIvellios and Huijin, pleading for help that nobody could say how to offer. Strawhat was stunned and revolted by the necromantic power.

While all of this was ongoing, Lu Bu continued after the blue-haired girl who seemed to have summoned the water elementals. At the same time, Gin went into a trance-like state, and was visited by his patron.

Gin’s patron, appearing as a young woman with coppery-yellow hair, was as surprised as the rest of the party about Tzzird’s powers, but insisted that there was a more important task. The blue-haired woman had to be protected. She was important.

After snapping out of the reverie, Gin went to find Lu Bu, who had already found and collected the woman, who called herself Fu Lim. Fu Lim claimed not to know how the elementals had been summoned, and was terrified of the heavily armed party.

As the party gathered around Fu Lim, she explained that it wasn’t her power, but a water spirit, Atuin, who protected the town. She claimed that Atuin brought rains for the village, staving off the effects of the Blight, and guarded the town.

The party ordered Fu Lim to take them to the water spirit, and as they traveled, they investigated Fu Lim more. To those with eldritch sight, Fu Lim shone with the same aura as Shiro and Akemi, but she claimed to not have the scale-shaped markings that both of the young dragons exhibited.

Traveling to the location where Atuin was sometimes found, the party begin to press Gin about some suspicious behavior he was exhibiting, and finally reached the point where Tzzird brought her powers to bear. She created a zone of truth, and forced the party members within.

Under the zone, Gin was able to speak past the compulsion which was otherwise controlling him, He explained his patron, who he considered a good and stabilizing figure, and who had asked Gin to report on the movements and powers of the rest of the party. The other members were understandably skeptical of all of this, and hold him under suspicion.

Fu Lim was also compelled to speak truthfully, and revealed that she indeed believed that Atuin protected the town, and that she had no special powers, even while the party insisted otherwise.

After briefly visiting a shrine in the ocean waves, which showed similar markings as the prior dragon shrines, the party continued to a cliff-side.

While waiting on the cliff-side, the dragonborn set up camp, and the others waited near the edge with Fu Lim. After a number of minutes, Atuin appeared.

The gargantuan turtle breached the waters, sending a spray of water at the party. The spirit then settled back, waiting to see what Fu Lim and the party would ask of it.



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