Heroic Adventure to Forge the Empress


Dec 29, 2017

In the western seas of Zhongdao

As the party approaches the Shrine of Water, atop the water spirit A’tuin, they see a huge whirlpool, a vortex spiraling down nearly 100 feet to touch the top of the Shrine. All around them is a clammy fog, a miasma left by the deep grasper’s influence, and on the top of the water is a film of thick mucus.

After brief deliberation, Huijin grants the party the ability to breath underwater, to explore the shrine, and she and Strawhat briefly go underwater to see the Shrine itself, a stone structure surrounded by the decaying bones of the old Water Dragon. All along the ground and wrapped around the dragon’s bones are tentacles, created by the deep grasper ad siphoning the power of the dragon into their master.

Huijin is able to locate Fu Lim, held underwater by a number of tentacles, and free her, though like A’tuin above them, her skin shows blisters and open sores were the tentacles wrapped around her. At A’tuin’s urging, the party brings Fu Lim down into the Shrine with them, and, cutting their way through a number of tentacles, reaches the center of the shrine itself.

Within, Gin floats, his eyes glazed over with the mucus created by the deep grasper, his mind still in thrall. The grasper speaks through Gin and commands them to withdraw, or else perish, but the party presses forward. Within the room hands the skull of the water dragon, and dangling from it an orb, cocooned in the same mucus created by the grasper.

Knowing they have to retrieve the orb, the party swims for it, and the grasper summons giant sharks from the depths to defend itself. While for a while the party kept Fu Lim from the sphere, as the situation grew dire, with more and more creature entering the shrine, they allowed Fu Lim to hold the sphere, the orb left by the prior Dragon, and begin to cleanse it of the grasper’s desecration.

With the party barely staving off the beasts, Fu Lim cleared the orb, and the grasper’s influence was banished, freeing Gin and the sharks from the mind control. Searching the shrine briefly (and finding a peculiar pair of glass lenses) the party returned to the A’tuin. Again, reluctant to permit Fu Lim to have the orb, eventually Tzzird relented, and Fu Lim grasped the essence of the Water Dragon of the Jade Age.

The waters spun, powerful arcane energy flowed into Fu Lim, and scales appeared beneath her skin, the same mark shown on Shiro and Akemi. With a surge of power, Fu Lim was filled with past knowledge, but in her own words, not past understanding. Her new powers were undeniable, however, and she quickly restored A’tuin to his previous state.

Now, with Fu Lim agreeing to meet Akemi, the party heads back for shore.



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