Obsidian is exceedingly rare and exceedingly dangerous. Little known to the Middle Isles, this material is said to come from the curses of the gods themselves, the aftermath of wrathful devastation.

Obsidian has two properties that makes it so deadly. First, any wound dealt by obsidian cannot be healed by supernatural means. When the curse of the gods is upon a creature, no power will mend its flesh and set its bones.

Second, if obsidian enters the bloodstream of a creature, the chi of that creature is disturbed, and its ability to heal itself naturally will become impaired. Wounds of any type will stay open longer, sickness will tarry, and slowly the chi will be eroded completely.

Both effects can be staved off by the application of the root of the plant known as Emperor’s Ginseng. The primary effect can be reversed completely, while the secondary effect can be delayed, with regular consumption allowing for a normal, if weakened, life-span.

Needless to say, obsidian is both highly valued and rightfully feared.


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