Middle Valley

A Scar in the Heart of Zhongdao

Middle Valley is the central furrow that runs through the other forested, mountainous regions of Zhongdao. While previously Zhongdao had a series of gentle foothills and mesa in between the two ridges that ran along the coast, following the cataclysm 47 years ago, a deep channel was torn into the countryside.

There were tens of thousands killed, and scores of villages wiped off the face of the earth. Now, lakes and ponds have grown up alongside new towns and fresh growth. While the land has recovered, and new farmlands have developed, many still remember the terrible tragedy of the Scarring of Middle Valley.

A Butcher

While Emperor Daiki still lived, a peasant rebellion developed among the new middle-class of Middle Valley. The retribution against this rebellion was put under the control of Shogun Shouta, who dispatched his most efficient disciple to quell the uprising and the foul necromancy wielded by its leaders.

Middle Valley

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