The Imperial Capital

Standing in a naturally protected valley, Higayashima serves as the capital of the Empire of Zhongdao. With the protection of a spine of mountains to one side, the lush forests and gentle valleys of the surrounding countryside provide plentiful foodstuffs, bolstering the riches already granted by a calm, natural harbor which serves as an important trade hub.

The royal palace of the Yoshirou family rests within Higayashima, and the central courts of the Empire take up much of the city.

Recent History

Following the unrest of Prince Yuudai’s coming-of-age, Higayashima was briefly invaded during the conflict between the Imperial Regent and Shogun Shouta of the succession of the throne. Much of the royal palace and the surrounding area was devastated before the Shogun was forced to pull back, but the city remains in turmoil without a clear and decisive ruler.


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