Cunning bandits of the Middle Isles

One of the earliest native peoples of the Middle Isles, goblins were never fully conquered by the Empire. They still exist in a mostly tribal setting, surviving as scavengers, bandits, and in hunter-gatherer family groups.

Though they are intelligent enough to set traps and organize trade, their naturally aggressive and suspicious behavior prevents them from creating long-standing allegiances with any other groups, goblin or non-goblin alike. While this curbs the political power of a race that would otherwise overwhelm all others based purely on their rapid life-cycle, it also means that pacifying any tribe or clan is a temporary solution at best.

Goblins are a strange creature with an unusual life-span. Under specific conditions, older goblins will undergo a metamorphoses, becoming either hobgoblins or bugbears depending on the circumstances.

Cunning and underhanded merchants will sometimes pay off goblin tribes to ambush their rivals, a service most goblins are more than happy to provide.



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