Prince Yuudai

Prince Yuudai Masaru Yoshirou


The Rightful King

Prince Yuudai Masaru Yoshirou is the oldest male heir of the Yoshirou line, the 15-year-old son of the late Emperor Daiki Yoshirou, and the rightful emperor of Zhongdao. Prince Yuudai has a younger twin sister, Princess Akemi.

From a young age, Prince Yuudai has been afflicted by a number of maladies, but among the great physicians of the royal capital of Higayashima, he has grown into a vital and active man.

Following his father’s death three years previously, Prince Yuudai was put under the authority of the Imperial Regent. The Imperial Regent has ruled Zhongdao in the prince’s name for the past three years, awaiting the time of the prince’s coming-of-age.

Those closest to the Prince also became aware of a growing paranoia in the prince. He became increasingly obsessed with the vague details of his father’s death, and showed a growing fascination with the ancient tales of the Jade Empire, especially those surrounding its destruction.

Upon his 15th birthday, Prince Yuudai became old enough to wear the Ten-Score Crowns of Zhangdao, but the Imperial Regent declared the Prince ill, unfit to serve until he became well again.

Following the attack of the The Shogun’s forces on HIgayashima, Prince Yuudai has gone missing, with none knowing his whereabouts, and many suspecting that he has been killed.

The Prince’s Last Command

Immediately following his coming-of-age, just before he was quarantined by the Imperial Regent, Prince Yuudai gave one rightful command to one of his bodyguards. The Prince commanded him to protect his sister, and to obtain the The Warhammer of Ghal Maraz.


Prince Yuudai

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