The Princess

Princess Akemi Kimiko Yoshirou


Heir to the Yoshirou line

Princess Akemi Kimiko Yoshirou is the oldest female heir of the Yoshirou line. The younger twin of Prince Yuudai, Akemi is the daughter of the famous and feared Emperor Daiki.

While she grew up in the capital city of Higayashima, learning the customs and habits of a royal lady, she was also part of a more informal education among the traders and travelers of the docks, where she met some of her closest childhood friends.

Upon her 15th birthday, with the coming of age of Prince Yuudai, Akemi was strictly forbidden from seeing her brother after the command of Kamatano Daichi placed the prince indefinitely in a quarantined state.

With Shogun Susumu Shouta‘s assault on the capital to overthrow the Imperial Regeant, Princess Akemi fled the capital, and joined up with a party of new and old friends. Now, she travels through the Middle Isles looking to find support for her reign, proof of her brother’s fate, and the cause of the chaos in Zhongdao.

Allies: Finn; Strawhat; Lu Bu


The Princess

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