Heroic Adventure to Forge the Empress

The Circle of the Second Moon, Part II

Sword oil in the forest

Bigger, Badder Boars

The party ventured out of the Sacred Grove to see what was assaulting the area, and found that it was a horde of boars, driven to violence by the desecration of the leylines. While Shiro Kisaragi was nastily torn at by some of the boars, they were slain, and a slick, oil-like essence was smelled around them.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Following the trail back towards the desecrated leyline, the party came upon a group of sprites beset by stirges, driven to attack the natural guardians of the forest. With some reluctance on the part of a few members, the party came to the sprite’s aid, managing to save one of their number after failing to stabilize another.

The sprite, in thanks, offered to escort the party wherever they wished to go within the forest, and the party asked to be led to the woodcutter village in the hope of finding more clues to the unrest.

Wood Cut Village

Reaching the woodcutter’s village, the party was met with very open suspicion. After a brief standoff, the party was permitted entrance. The village had been recently beset by a regiment of Shogunate warriors, led by a tall, hollow-faced man. After calming the villagers, the party settled in to rest.

During the night, Shiro asked around regarding tales of dragons, and was met by the typical myths, with little new information offered. Lu Bu wished to discuss the nature of the village, and learned how little the common folk care for politics, as their greatest concern was making sure any conflict with Shogunate forces occur as far as possible from their homes.Tzzird asked after the Warhammer of Ghal Maraz, but to the village, this too was no more interesting than any other fable.

Lu Bu, Huijin, and Fini also decided to try to report back to the circle, and the next morning received word that things had only gotten worse. The party set off towards the split in the leyline.

Mad with Grief

The party came upon an area of forest that had been horribly burned, very recently charred and left still-smoking. Within the few trees that remained, two distraught dryads met the party, and attacked them in a grief-maddened state. Huijin, affected by their charms, was pulled into helping to defend one, until a shower of spells and arrows brought it down, shaking off the effect.

Now, the party readies to reach the heart of the disturbance.



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