Heroic Adventure to Forge the Empress

An Obsidian Arrowhead, Part II

Emperor's Ginseng

A Goblin Hole

The party continued following the scent of Emperor’s Ginseng and the path of the goblin chief carrying the obsidian arrows. After very nearly stumbling into a cleverly hidden pit, the party found its way to the mouth of a cave, overlooking a waterfall fed by one of the many natural springs of the valley.

Three goblin guards, alerted to the approach of the party, lay in wait, harrying the party as they attempted to cross the swiftly moving stream to engage their attackers. With the help of light spirits called up by Huijin, Fini and the crocodile were able to kill the ambushers, while Lu Bu was snared in a goblin trap.


Moving further inside the cave, the party came up against a group of wolves, chained up by the goblins. Huijin was able to pacify them, while Trogga seemed to understand their snarls as clearly as spoken words, and learned that there were two leaders of the goblin group, a chieftain who “smelled of plants” and the ferocious and vicious bugbear leader. The party followed the scent of ginseng towards to bugbear leader after freeing the wolves, and managed to force the crocodile and a few others up a narrow chimney to a cave above.


In the chambers of the bugbear leader, Klarg, the party found another fight, as neither Lu Bu nor Huijin were able to keep the presence secret. While Lu Bu helped the rest of the party up, Ash, Fini, and Huijin grappled with Klarg’s loyal wolf pet as goblin retainers opened on them with arrows. Lu Bu was injured in the fight, but Ivellios’ potent magic made short work of the goblins, and a well-placed crossbow bolt from Tzzird blinded Klarg. Fini was able to slay the wildly thrashing Klarg, and the remaining goblin was swiftly dealt with by Trogga as it tried to flee.

Searching the area, the party was able to find Emperor’s ginseng boiling in a kettle, and Tzzird used this to staunch Princess Akemi’s wound, bringing her briefly back to consciousness. She would need a good days rest, but she would recover.

The party was also able to find a trove of looted goods collected by the goblin bandits. Among the pile was 600 cp, 110 sp, two flasks with [orangish-red liquid, and a jade statuette of a frog, very cleverly crafted.



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