Heroic Adventure to Forge the Empress

An Obsidian Arrowhead

Character Creation and First Fight

The hook

Prince Yuudai Masaru Yoshirou of the Yoshirou line is the oldest male child and heir to the throne, who has been overseen by the Imperial Regent Kamatano Daichi, a High Priest of Higashiyama, the Imperial Capital. Following the coming of age of Yuudai, Daichi claimed a sickness of the boy prevented him from assuming the throne, and extended his own control indefinitely until the recovery of Yuudai.

Seeing this as a betrayal of the imperial will, Shogun Susumu Shouta declared Daichi in rebellion and attempted to remove him from the throne so that he, a cousin by marriage into the royal line, could evaluate the Prince and return him to the throne. He rides from Oharaimachi, the fortress capital of the senshi far from the central throne.
As the Regent’s and Shogun’s supporters clashed within Higashiyama, reports of a slave uprising and bandit attacks both spread like wildfire, but neither could be confirmed but by rumor and hearsay.

What is known is that in the midst of the battle, Princess Akemi Kimiko Yoshirou was reported missing, even more frightening now that there are surging reports that Prince Yuudai has died, leaving the Princess as the most direct heir to the imperial throne.

The party

All players worked together to create their Ally, Enemy, Quest, and Callings.

Allies : Fat Belwas; Birchburn the Innkeeper;Everyone; and The Princess
Enemies: The Man who Always Lies; The Butcher of Middle Valley; and The Swamp Witch
Quests: Pirate slavers and captive people; The Warhammer of Ghal Maraz; and Eat As Many Things As Possible

The party was formed, following Princess Akemi’s escape from Higayashima during the chaos of the conflict between The Shogun and the Imperial Regent. Some are motivated by concern for the princess’s safety or the orders of their superiors, others by the promise of great reward, and others by simple altruism.

Goblin ambush

As they flee through the forests, goblins set upon the party, ambushing them from the side of the narrow road. In the initial hail of arrows, the princess is hit, wounded by an obsidian arrowhead. The attackers are dispatched, and the lone survivor executed by the drow after proving to have little useful information, but the archer with the arrowheads escapes into the woods. Following his trail, and the scent of the Emperor’s Ginseng which can cleanse the curse of obsidian, the party ventures deeper into the woods.



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